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My aim is to convey the meaning of your source text and make it flow naturally in French. Only a native French speaker with a deep knowledge of English can ensure you that. Besides being a full-time freelance English to French translator, I am also a certified teacher of English and French. Full score at the TOEIC test (990/990), holding a CELTA, my high command of English allows me to work within the French language to keep the nuances and tones of your original message perfectly intact.

Deep Attention to Detail

Proper terminology research and attention to detail are the keys to a perfect translation. Every topic is carefully researched and a thorough proofreading is included in the price. This is especially important when translating apps or websites: every string must be proofread in context to ensure 100% accuracy and a perfectly finished product every time. Being a perfectionist also allows me to notice flaws the source text might have, which contributes towards improving your original work.

Close Communication

There is no shame in not knowing or not understanding everything. In fact, I strongly believe that admitting being wrong or lacking knowledge is the first step towards perfection and that the only dumb question is the one that was never asked. For this reason, I place a high value in staying close to my clients and keep them informed of the advancement of the project. A translation is not an individual work: it’s a client and a language expert working together to achieve their goals.

Technology At Your Service

The use of software like SDL Trados 2019 and leading keyword research tools brings a whole new dimension to your translations. These solutions are used by the best translation agencies and SEO experts around the globe. The first one is a CAT tool ensuring consistently translated documents in the shortest time frame, the second one allows to make deep and thorough keyword researches to help you rank your websites or Amazon products in the search engines.

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My commitments

  • Your quote in 24 hours

  • Respect of the deadlines

  • 100% human translation

  • Close communication

  • Topics and terminology thoroughly researched

  • Keyword research where applicable

My skills

French Spelling and Grammar
English Spelling and Grammar
General Translation
Technical Translation

 I’m a perfectionist. I do believe that the success of a translation is not only linked to strong language skills, but also to a deep attention to detail and a thorough communication with my clients. Whatever the size of your project, I will be the sole person you will speak to. Contact your English to French translator today to talk about your French translation needs! 

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Jean is very responsive and always delivers quality work! A great eye for detail! Highly recommended!

Green Translations

We used the service for Mr. Jean-Francois Guichard for translating content form English to French. Despite this was our first experience on such work yet we been covered and supported by his help. He is understanding and very pro on what he is doing. We are very happy we decided to go with his service.

MESC Cables
We love working with Jean-Francois; he gets the job done perfectly every time.
Jean-Francois was fantastic to work with and we look forward to working together again in the future!

I was pleasantly surprised about Jean-Francois’s detailed knowledge of requirements of Amazon listings and his added value for not just translating product listing from English to French, but localization of product page including information visible only to seller.

He is a really great translator and his work was very consise and quick and I was very much satisfied with his work. Sometimes helped me with having discussion even after midnight and I’m so thankful to him.

He provided more than just translation but also some ideas and advice for creating my contents and it helped me a lot too. His work was far more than just translation…

I strongly recommend him to any kind of translation related job.

Thank you so much.

Yosuke K.

We’ve worked with JF many times now and I wouldn’t use anyone else for our French localizations.


I am greatly satisfied with Jean-Francois’ job. He was quick to complete the task and preserved the style&mood of the original text in his translation. Recommended.

The level of attention given to this project by Jean is unparalleled.
I made a few mistakes in the English text, and Jean was able to notice them and rectify them.
Thank you Jean!
Would love to work with you again.
Play Spirit Games

It is a pleasure to work with Jean-Francois. He always goes the extra mile in proofreading our original text and makes some good suggestions for SEO keywords in his language. Very pleased with him and looking forward to continuing to work with him.