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French Translation Services

Document Translation

Bring the French touch to your documents

I do more than simply translating your documents: my broad knowledge of English and the quality of my French allow me to translate your idioms, expressions, wordplays in order to keep the tone of your original document and make its translation sound natural in French. I own an entire suite of software to translate all file formats into French (from docx to pdf and html or xml) and preserve their original format.

  • Original format preserved

  • Natural flow

  • All file formats

Translation Of Amazon Listings

Reach new customers

A good translation of your Amazon products in French contains not only the thorough terminology research needed to give your customers the right information in their mother tongue, it also includes a keyword research to find out the way they search for your product in French. Thanks to advanced keyword research tools, the French translation services I provide can help you rank in Google search results, reach your new customers and increase your volume of sales.

  • Keyword research

  • Reach the french market

  • Increase your sales

Website Translation

Open new horizons

The French translation of your website content must be approached differently than a standard document translation. You not only need to engage your customers and readers, but also need to be visible in Google search results. I provide a keyword research for your webpages and assist you for free during your integration phase, up to 30 days after delivery. My knowledge of WordPress and of HTML ensures that the french translation of your HTML webpages will leave your code untouched.

  • Keyword research

  • Knowledge of WordPress

  • Knowledge of HTML

  • Free 30 days assistance*

Don't find the translation service you're after?

Do not worry, these services are only a few examples of what is translatable into French.
I can help you with all your needs in French translation.
Be it emails, computer software, reviews, feedback: name it, it is 100% possible to get them translated into French.

Mobile App & Game Translation

Be even closer to your customers

By being constantly in your customers’ pocket, you are already close to them. What if your mobile app or game could also speak their language? That would bring it (and hence you) even closer to them and generate even more interaction. As a heavy user of mobile games and apps myself (and also a developer of my own mobile application), I know how important a good English to French translation is. The terminology must be spot-on and the strings must absolutely fit the UI: that’s why I offer a free 30 days assistance after translation for any string in need to be shortened.

  • Terminology consistency

  • Free 30 days assistance*

  • App store description

Video Game Translation

Enhance your players’ gameplay

What’s better than a person with 25 years of gaming experience to translate your video game from English into French? I started to play on the NES when I was around 11 and I’m still playing! Be it 4X strategy games, FPS, platformers, adventure games, point and click games,… name it, I’ve most likely already thoroughly played at least one game of your competitors. I use advanced translation management software to ensure terminology consistency and assist you for free during the first 30 days of your integration phase. At the end of the day, only your gamers’ pleasure matters.

  • Free 30 days assistance*

  • 25 years of gaming experience

  • Perfect consistency

Instruction Manual Translation

Ensure things are done right

The translation of your user manual is a compulsory step to ensure that your product is properly used by your French customers. You want them to get the most out of it and enjoy every aspect it has to offer. As important as your packaging translation, this translation will also reflect the professionalism of your product and the seriousness of your brand. There’s nothing worse than buying a product and find an instruction manual poorly translated: it makes us feel we bought something cheap. Treat your customers and the reputation of your brand with a quality English to French translation.

  • Original format preserved

  • Translation of picture content

  • Technical background

*Free assistance during 30 days after delivery of the translation. This assistance only covers your integration needs and mostly only applies to strings in need to be shortened in order to fit your UI. Additional fees may be charged for any additional text.